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Housing Grants

Discover home improvement grants provided by the government and local councils, including housing grants and projects to combat homelessness in the UK. Explore what home improvement grants are available to help your family or find funding for your charity. South East Midlands Start-up Programme

12 hours of free business start-up support. Boost Scheme

Vouchers towards the cost of indoor mobile signal boosters... 2 – Environmental Technologies & Resource Efficiency Support Service

Supports SMEs with the adoption of environmental technologies and... to Grow: Management – UK

Training to help SME business leaders to increase productivity...

Grants & Funding Escalator – South East Midlands

Consultancy potential grants and academic expertise to help SMEs... Bridges – South East Midlands

Consultancy and potential grant support for SMEs to help... Project – South East Midlands

Grants workshops and academic expertise to enable productivity improvements... Support Fund – North Tyneside

Grant for businesses with commercial premises that are open... District Start Up Grant Scheme

A grant for people in Lichfield looking to start... East Ambition

Free impartial consultancy service for SMEs helping them to... Carbon Dorset

Free support to help businesses in Dorset reduce their...