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We are the UK’s leading source of J4B grant information, here to help you find funding to start your own business, improve your company or support a charitable cause. Our website helps you search quickly and easily for relevant J4B grants and provides resources to support you in your search for funding. We are continually reviewing and updating our website with the latest funding opportunities and grants, making it easier than ever to find funding that’s right for you, all in one place.

Whether you're starting a small business or involved in charity, our website helps you to find the latest information on grants in your sector. We update our website with trustworthy sources of funding, including grants for small businesses, government grants and other sources of investment, to help you grow your project. By collecting new funding opportunities in one simple space, we hope to make J4B grants easy to find, letting you instantly find and apply for multiple funding opportunities. Search our grants now to see what's currently available and begin your bid.

Our search function is designed to make finding funding as easy as possible. There are 16 grant categories and 13 regions for you to refine your search by, helping you search directly by the sort of funding you need. Whether you're searching for a grant in the arts, culture, and heritage section or need support for community development, quickly find what's available in your sector or your part of the UK with our website, saving you time and hassle.

To support you in your search, we also offer resources to help you navigate the application process. We update our website with the latest news and information about how the funding process works, with information about changes to your sector, to help you craft a successful bid. Gain confidence in your application, learn more about how J4B grants work, or read the latest industry news at our resources page.

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