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Funding news - 13/09/2017

Scotland's Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Scheme Opens New Round

The Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Scheme (FPMC) was launched to provide support for suppliers and producers to contribute towards the Scottish Government's overall vision for food and drink in Scotland - to be a Good Food Nation.

This scheme supports the Government's vision of the food and drink market helping to make Scotland healthier, wealthier and smarter; with stronger communities and production that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

FPMC is part of a £70 million food and drink processing support scheme, established under the £1.3 billion Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-2020. This scheme has the following objectives:

  • To support capital costs of businesses that are involved in processing primary agricultural produce in order to develop both new and existing processing facilities.
  • To support non-capital costs towards developing new food and drink businesses, such as consultancy costs.
  • To support co-operation activities between food and drink producers and manufacturers and third parties such as retailers, the research community and the hospitality and food service sector.
  • To support marketing activities at national and international trade shows and fairs.
  • To support innovation such as clusters, process and organisation.
  • To support training.

The following types of grants are available:

  • Start-up grants for a new business.
  • Development grants for an existing business.

A total of £70 million is available. The maximum rate of grant a business will be eligible for is determined by the size of the business (large, medium, small or micro) and by the activity or products the business produces.

The scheme is open to submissions from individuals, constituted groups, and businesses that process agricultural products into food products or are involved in collaborative working within the food chain.

The next deadline for this scheme is 19 November 2017.

For further information, interested parties should visit the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments & Services website

Source: Scottish Government, 13/09/2017

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