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Funding news - 08/12/2016

CUBE Challenge: €1 Million Cash Prize Available for Outstanding Start-ups

The CUBE Challenge is a contest administered by CUBE GmbH, Berlin (CUBE), whereby promising start-ups will have the chance to receive a no strings attached cash prize.

Start-ups which have qualified for the CUBE ecosystem will automatically participate in the CUBE challenge. The winning start-up will be granted a level of independence through a cash prize worth €1 million along with the chance to connect with high profile industry leaders.

This competition is intended for innovative start-up companies worldwide, who have qualified for the CUBE ecosystem. The applicant start-up must have a product, solution, hardware and/or a business model ready for industry digitalisation in one of the following fields: agriculture, food technology, digital health and life science, manufacturing and machinery, or infrastructure and interconnectivity. The start-up should fit into one of four candidate types, each with a different participation route and the applicant cannot become more than one candidate type.

In order to be considered for this award, an application for the CUBE ecosystem through the online platform. It is possible to interrupt the application process by returning the application login and making any necessary alterations. However, once the application has been submitted, no further changes can be made. The application will be reviewed by the CUBE team who will let applicants know whether or not they have qualified as quickly as possible.

The next deadline for this scheme is 30 April 2017.

For further information, interested parties should visit the CUBE website

Source: CUBE, 06/12/2016

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